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Beau_didgArqa Dea Tribe, once upon a time a more serious website devoted to a number of high tech services provided by me; has changed considerably. For one, my life has changed substantially. I have come to see that life is far too short to spend it on chasing your tail constantly. My health no longer tolerates that kind of lifestyle. So I’ve replaced it with this nonsense instead that I hope you’ll find more entertaining. However – if you have some cumbersome computer tech, graphic design or sound engineering based questions (the things I have many years of experience with) that have been vexing you for some time….feel free to ask nicely via the contact page & I just might answer.

With that out of the way, I decided to make this new site – focusing on my own interests. I’ll have a number of categories that I focus on, ranging from more serious environmental issues (which I care deeply about) to my once upon a time well distributed series “Adventures In Advertising”.  Where I focused lovingly on poor design,  shitty slogans, embarrassing amateur designed promo material and all around awful stuff that should never have been released into the general public. Yet we are so glad they did for it’s comic relief. Yes yes, I also focus on solid design and techniques too.

You can also expect I’ll carry on about things like cycling, real community & nature a fair bit, as well as hilarious stuff I see on the street, stuff drawn in public bathrooms, people with real character (whackjobs to most people); you get the idea. The spice of life.  Mostly stuff in my own backyard. So if these things interest you, you might just enjoy my perspective. If not, your free to browse on to the latest Fox news style headlines anytime you like & get involved in their enlightening arguments.  Don’t let me hold you back.

What do I do, you ask? I’ve done a few things professionally over the years.  Graphic & Web design for many years, specializing in cleanly designed, high resolution output graphics for press of almost any type you can imagine. My main passion in life is music, and always has been. Design was a means to an end for a lot of years being naturally good at it & the complex software used to create it. But music has always been my life’s blood. So trust there will be lots of music posts & videos. While I’ve spent most of my life listening to almost every genre under the sun, I know and best understand the ambient & electronic realms. I’ve played hand percussion for over 20 years, and Didgeridoo for 15 years. I take rhythmic structure & precision quite seriously, with a low tolerance for drum circle types with too much passion and too little skill – smashing the hell out of poor unsuspecting hand drums and emoting on them like fools. I studied Recording Arts at MMI, and after obtaining my degree in 1996 – went on to work in many different aspects of music production and studio work with a lot of different people and groups. Composing, producing and mixing electronic based music of several different kinds became my forte, along with infusing my traditional tribal instruments I’ve spent so many years learning. These days I compose & produce using some pretty high tech tools. Which ones you ask?  I’ll never tell – those are my trade secrets.