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Capturing Endangered Species

This is a profound video. Seen through the eyes of a man who has seen firsthand & fully understands the gravity of the situation. The corner we have put ourselves into as a species, and how we got here.  But that’s preaching to the converted now isn’t it?  The question becomes, how do you get the majority to pay attention, look around and see that there is a lot going on in this world beyond glaring at your smartphone at “that hilarious post” that just had to be read while driving? Or as he mentioned, the less than a minute while at the stoplight?

How do you speak to a mass ADD audience who just doesn’t care about much other than what is sitting on their face in the next 20 minutes? How do you get people to care for what is 7 generations from now, and how their actions will impact that? Or at very least; think about it?

Joel puts into perspective how he captures everyone’s attention using the thing he knows best – photography.  His ability to tell a story through just a couple of photographs is astounding! If you ever read National Geographic or have in the last many years, you’ll recognize many of his photos that have been published. Changing the world can only happen when everyone is aware and cares enough to bother. Joel is the kind of person who can deliver that message and explains how he does it in a quick 15 minute summary.

For me this raises the question: Is there a way for all of us to use our strongest innate talent to the best of our ability to convey the same message, amplifying it and reaching more people?  I’ve certainly been trying my best for almost 20 years, but I don’t think with much success. What is the key to finding our own way of doing what Joel does? I make no claims of having that figured out, but the determination of guys like this certainly force me to stay on the path!

Shouldn’t everyone want to aspire to be a bit more like Joel?  In whatever way we know how?  Shouldn’t we all want to be able to convey this message on some level and combat decades of the dumbing down of an increasingly apathetic species?  I’d like to think so.  It’s the only possible hope that’s left.

Author: The Tribe

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  1. Joel is a true Eco-hero .. it’s just so sad, alarming and frustrating, this ‘apathy of humanity’! Nor can I excuse myself – we have to be aware, and take care of our world and it’s beautiful, essential creatures. Without them we would be nothing! Thanks for posting Beau.

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