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New Eclipse Project Music: Shinrin Yoku – Part I

One of the newly finished tracks marked for the next album. This is only a pre release, and is therefore not the final mix nor properly mastered yet. Expect the final to sound tighter.

“Shinrin Yoku” is the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing”. Taking time to go out and commune with nature, solitary, often focusing on the breath & listening carefully while walking. It is a modern way to reintroduce the human species to the nature that surrounds us, that once made up most of the planet.

This track is meant to invoke a feeling of Shinrin Yoku. It is divided into 2 parts, but meant to be played back to back. One being contemplative as an introduction, and the second part more rhythmically structured.

Part I is relaxing and contemplative. Still, but with movement of the rain storm and breath of the droning Didgeridoo. Part I focuses on a thunderstorm, an incredibly electric storm I had the privilege of recording a couple years ago on my porch with my field recorder. I also mixed in various bird recordings I’ve done over the years as well as a sample of the elusive “fabulous echo bird”. I have no idea what kind of bird it is actually. They come to the back of the yard certain times of the year, probably migrating through. When they make their call it always has this fabulous echo quality no matter what the conditions outside. So it seems a fitting name for an unknown bird with a fantastic call. I finally had the right composition to use it!

*Featured are selected clips from a recent series of Mindfulness Meditations by Sue Hutton.

Author: The Tribe

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