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New Eclipse Project Music: Shinrin Yoku – Part II

One of the newly finished tracks marked for the next album. This is only a pre release, and is therefore not the final mix nor properly mastered yet. Expect the final to sound tighter.

“Shinrin Yoku” is the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing”. Taking time to go out and commune with nature, solitary, often focusing on the breath & listening carefully while walking. It is a modern way to reintroduce the human species to the nature that surrounds us, that once made up most of the planet.

This track is meant to invoke a feeling of Shinrin Yoku. It is divided into 2 parts, but meant to be played back to back. One being contemplative as an introduction, and the second part more rhythmically structured.

Part II picks up the pace a bit. For those who have never been to the forest for any length of time, it is not as quiet as is portrayed in the movies. Different times of day, it can be extremely vibrant with different noises and a real sense of rhythm behind it. Living rhythm of course! Birds competing, insects buzzing, woodpeckers banging on trees, and the scurrying of many various animals as you come into their space. For this reason, I added  faster played Didgeridoo over a simple beat for the feeling of breath, movement and living rhythmic structure in Part II. In my experience, a longer intentionally meditative hike through the forest is never like a relaxing sitting meditation in any way. But more an experience of the many cycles of life all around you. During this time, you are a small part of that cycle and nothing more. You get the opportunity to witness other forms of life and communication other than your own. If everyone did something like this every week, we’d probably have a lot less habitat destruction in the world. Simply because it would be more appreciated on a larger level, and nobody would stand for destroying it just for profit. In fact, most of my music is based in this philosophy and my long term goal is to infuse this sort of mindset into people using music as a conduit.

*Featured are selected clips from a recent series of Mindfulness Meditations by Sue Hutton.

Author: The Tribe

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  1. I llstened to part one, then immediately part two, as suggested. you are absolutely ccorrect; they lead, one to the other. I am very pleased that you started with the rain, and the forrest. the forests must drink in order to survive. the tempo, the rhythm increased. the beat took me to a message, but i’m not sure it was ” breathing in, breathing out”. the digeree was taking me someplace else, some ” lets start this journey” message. the womans voice was very effective. the message was somewhat ” instructional”. I think it would have been more effective as a koan to be contemplated rather than as a guide to be followed…..the forest is breathing, the forest needs water. are we to breathe along, or will we smother it? the degeree do line is a call to action in this music, or so it seems to me. fine fine work here in the mix. a genius of beat, to my ears! well done!

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    • Thanks for your feedback Jim! Appreciated as always. Indeed the vocal samples are in fact “instructional”. I recorded them for Sue Hutton, who has been teaching mindfulness meditation for many many years. I just took snippets from a full 30 minute meditation on breath and breathing. I asked if I could use them in some of my new music and she gave me the go ahead. Ideally, I’d like to bring people in so that everything is 100% customized for each song. But on a zero dollar recording budget….well…you work with what you have. So these samples sufficed and worked pretty well I felt. It’s also challenging when your a one man show. I do all the recording, engineering, play every instrument, do all of the composition, etc. Each song is such a massive amount of work. At best I might get a friend to come in and lay down a couple of tracks over the composition…which adds a great deal. But this varies in how much time people have to do that. This year, people are very busy. So I just have to be very inventive with whatever resources I have at my disposal.

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