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New Song: “A Perfect Gradient Sky”

Another song release from my Eclipse Project music work. In addition to my usual synth compostion and ambient / electronic style, this song features Sue Hutton.  Sue has years of experience practicing and teaching Mindfulness Meditation. She also does all of the texture and background vocals you hear interlaced throughout the track. Sue was the singer of the well established North American band ‘Rhea’s Obsession’. They did a lot of touring once upon a time, and were featured in several T.V. series and so forth. All that aside, Sue is just really great to work with. We plan on doing several more tracks in the future with some far more interesting fusion even. More to come on that.

The nature recordings were all field recordings done by me in the Scarborough Bluffs around sunset in Summer 2013.

The Eclipse Project selected ambient works album should be released by Spring 2014.  That’s the goal at least. I’m quite certain at this point that this song will be the name of the album also. It sort of get’s across what I’m usually trying to say in music on some level. It also just has the nicest ring to it. Who doesn’t like a perfect gradient sky? It evokes beautiful things, nice feelings and warm times in your life.

So click play on the image below to hear it in full.  Leave a comment if you like it!

Author: The Tribe

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  1. Lovely voices, words of mindfulness .. beautiful, smooth ambient musical rhythms and spaces .. sweeeet !!

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  2. Like whats going on in the background in the minimal spaces between the voice, but I felt the front “vocal” extremely overbearing enough that I couldn’t listen to it all and skipped through it quickly due to the disturbance I was experiencing.

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    • Sorry you didn’t like it T. I always have to decide with such tracks. “To vocal or not to vocal.” Be it spoken word or singing. Obviously I did choose to use vocals and work it as a collaboration.

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