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New Song: “Red Rock Dawn”

It is highly recommended that this track be listened to with headphones. It’s far more “transporting” for lack of a better word. I spent a great deal of time on complimentary rhythmic structure in the left and right channels, and the stereo separation in general.

I’ve been playing Didgeridoo for a lot of years. Though this is the first actual recording I’ve done with it where it is the main featured instrument throughout. After years of people asking me to do a full Didgeridoo based album like this, the least I could do is offer up at least one song after all this time.

For me the Didgeridoo is a truly sacred instrument. Obviously I’m not Aboriginal, nor Australian in any way. I have had a deep connection with this instrument from the first time I heard it at the age of 13. It was a featured “Hearts Of Space” radio program one Sunday night. I found it deeply moving to the core, like it had woken something up in me that was laying / waiting dormant deep inside. At least that’s how I’m able to describe it now that I’m much older. It was a bit confusing back then. But I knew then, that I must learn to play this instrument and take it seriously.

It is an instrument I have such a deep rooted respect for, as well as the culture that created it. I would never do anything that would remove the element of that respect. That perhaps is why it has taken me so long to finally do a recording like this.

Having said that, enjoy…and I hope it’s well received!

Full Credits:

Beau: Didgeridoo & Bullroarer

Beau: All Music Composition & Arrangement, Synth Performance, Recording, Mixing & Production

Click the play button in the upper left to hear it now!

Author: The Tribe

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  1. Nice!! I found it very peaceful in a strange way.
    I could probably fall asleep to it.

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  2. Good stuff Beau. I would have preferred the fade out at the end to be longer to ease me out of my concentration. Other than that, it’s a hit!

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