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Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 1

In this swank new series, I play Didgeridoo in various locations. The attempt will be to play in many different locations over time. There is no real planning to this, which is part of the point of it. Just hit record, play, and see what happens in different settings.

The idea came when practicing on the far outer areas of the Scarborough Bluffs, when I realized I had an audience of a curious mink who was slinking in closer & closer to get a look. Pretty cool! How neat it would have been to capture that on tape. Since mostly these are places I go to practice anyhow, why not randomly record a few minutes of it here and there to see what happens.

In this installment, I get a visit from a very wet friendly dog who wants me to play ball with him. So I do for a minute until his owner comes around the bend of the trail.

Most likely they will be in different natural settings. The locations will also be spontaneous.

The featured instrument in this video is “Bungarra Fight”, named by the Artisan in Australia. It is made of Red Bloodwood Eucalyptus, and is an authentic instrument. It has beautiful wood burning work of a lizard fighting a snake all the way from top to bottom. I’ve had this instrument for many many years, and it was my first ‘authentic’ instrument I bought for myself. Therefore, I always have a great fondness of it and likely always will.

Author: The Tribe

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  1. the fact that the minks circled in to see and hear validates the spiritual dimension of your fine instrument.this is a very good experiment indeed. you are bringing powerful vibrations from one continent, to another via this fine instrument, and your sensitive dedication to it. good work! jim levendosky

    Subject: Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 1

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  2. a stunning musical and spiritual gesture.. virtuoso endurance. you really put out the energy. an act of profound generosity. thank you for this

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