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Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 4

It’s Canada Day! This year I decided to rent a car & pick somewhere on a map to go. Usually I choose nature oriented places with something unique. So I headed East and made my way to Picton, ON where I wound up at Sandbanks Provincial Park.

What can I say, it was lovely! Giant sand dunes with interesting brush all over. A trail goes all around the massive sand dunes where you can then access them at any point and walk around on top of them. I’d highly recommend it as a destination point! I’d like to come back here again with more time, as this was only a day trip. There is much to explore around here.

In this episode I’m play my new(ish) Travel Didg, made by Dr. Didg Dolphin in Australia. It’s entirely constructed of carbon fiber (very light weight) with a custom wood mouthpiece. It’s quite large when put together, but breaks down to fit into a small bag that can easily be carried in addition to a backpack. When I’m out on these trails, obviously I can’t carry just too much with me. The travel Didg is utterly perfect for these videos. In the next video I’ll showcase it a bit more as a feature part of the video.

The Travel Didg is 2 thumbs up, as I’ve been looking for something like this for many years that sounds good, is durable, and still looks impressive to a crowd. This instrument pretty much fits those things. You just can’t get anything easier to transport than this!

As much as I adore my big classic instruments, this is a whole lot easier for being on the trails with and making videos like this, as well as small gigs. Let’s face it, these days they are all small gigs.

Author: The Tribe

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  1. Hey Beau – nicely done diggeri-dude .. C U ya tomorra . E .

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