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Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 5

It’s finally Summer in Canada! OK, so it’s been Summer for a while, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. This has been an unseasonably cold year. Today however, is a hot sunny day. So it was time to take advantage of that and make a new video.

Today we are local at Bluffer’s Park again, in an area called Dunker’s Flow. Dunker’s Flow is a storm water filtration system that is truly brilliant. You can read a large sign explaining exactly how it works. Come check it out for yourself.

It’s also surrounded by an artificially created wetland with little trails snaking through it. It’s not a massive area, but it really is a nice place to visit! Lot’s of animals can be spotted here at different times of day. Countless bird species (the bird song on sunny days is amazing), Deer, Coyotes (at night), etc. This area is one of my favourite places to come during the week when it’s slower, especially at night after most people have gone home.

Till next time, see you in Volume 6!

Author: The Tribe

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  1. the visual composition of the shot was very pleasing; the rippling stream providing a visual obligato to you very effective diggeree do, in its extra long phase. there was a very clear definition of the undertones that made the simple rhythmic structure very full indeed, very satisfying and complete. well done, and stirringly done. this is action music! be well jleven

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