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Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 6

I’m rather behind these days on all this sort of stuff. I am actually up to volume 8 of this series, but only now getting around to posting this one. Volume 6 brings us to the Eastern point of Bluffer’s Park during the sunset around July / August. The next 2 are also in some really nice settings! So stay tuned and please send your feedback.

After the next 2 finished volumes are posted, I have different plans for volume 9. It’s time to add something dynamic. I’m sure by now people are tired of seeing just me playing an instrument in some random place. My live rigs are now mostly complete. I have an advanced rig which includes a Korg Wavedrum for live hand percussion, A powerful laptop with Ableton 9 and countless amazing synthesizers with up to 25 individual modules running at a time (all which can be looped live on the fly), vocal samples from previous work and albums I’ve done and of course…Didgeridoo. This is a sizeable set up. The full rig is 2 full shelves of stuff with a 4 octave Novation MIDI controller to run it all.

Soon I’ll be adding a Korg Electribe hardware synth / sequencer, and this will be my “scaled down” rig for when there is no point in hauling around so much gear. The scaled down rig will simply be the Electribe and Didgeridoo run through a small live soundboard with effects and compression, with many of the same instruments loaded used in the large rig as samples into the sampler to be looped in a 64 step system. It will be more simplified and less spontaneous synth options on the fly….but far easier to carry around and control! So whether you are looking for a bigger show or a smaller show – I can soon accommodate both. Either way, you’ll get the same big lush sound that transports you to other places in space and time.

For volume 9, you should be able to expect some work with the scaled down rig and the Electribe. I’m looking forward to that!

See you soon, and thanks for watching!

Author: The Tribe

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  1. That was some bad-ass shit. Remind me to post that on facebook.

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    • Thanks man! Here’s my smartass element coming out. “Remember to post this on Facebook.”

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  2. this is the scrimshander replying… you know I am your ” biggest fan” and heartily encourage all you r efforts in culture. equally, I admire your accomplishments in technology. when you relate what you are planning, even though I don’t know this stuff, I know ” its big”! what I am positing here is the idea that maybe ….maybe… it would be better to rely on the primintive ( sans enhancements)for these in nature concerts. maybe they acess the powers resideing in the natural setting better, without enhancement of technology. just a thought. cudos to you for finding the energy to continue this fine work! be wle jvn

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    • Thanks Jim….I always appreciate all the comments and thoughts you leave. And your right about the natural setting. That’s why I started it in the first place. I just wondered maybe if it wasn’t really being heard much, so maybe I should add more or change it up a bit. But….maybe not. 🙂 I’ll absolutely keep in mind everything you said.

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