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Spontaneous Didgeridoo – Episode 7

As promised, the next two I’m behind on posting would be sent soon. And here we have Volume 7. I’ve been trying to go for some different vantage points and points of view. This came off pretty cool I thought! I filmed this in early September on a particularly warm day.

I did something I don’t often do, and brought out my authentic Yidaki. It is one thing to have a traditionally made Eucalyptus, termite hollowed instrument from Australia. It is quite another to have one that was used for specific ceremonial purposes in Australia by tribal leaders. I have two of the first mentioned, and I adore them. But this one is the latter, and I couldn’t have possibly been gifted with something more amazing than this. I had to see it as a sign that I was doing something right at least, and to keep on with it and keep the faith. I am therefore, quite careful where I take it. What sort of “vibes” it is surrounded by is crucial, as I will not allow for it to become corrupted.

After reviewing the video I realized I should have worn sunglasses. One of the problems of public spaces is the ability for people to be annoying, loud and rude without a care. So I found this space where absolutely nobody was around. Got the camera all set up and tested it for sound and framing. No sooner after I started to play / record comes a group of really loud people, who stood just on the other side of the camera and just carried on talking fast and loudly about…absolutely nothing. So if you notice my eyes shifting about and a look of awkward irritation, that’s why. Sunglasses of course (which were on my head), would have solved this. But overall, I loved the framing and waves in the background. So I wasn’t going to delete it, since the mic’ did not pick them up over the didg and waves.

Thank you waves, you helped me out here big time!

Author: The Tribe

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  1. sadly, your ( unsolicited) audience did not benefit from your invigorating concert, with wave obligato. I found the trill effects to be highly energetic. accented by waves in that natural periodic way they have of being shocking messangers. your waves; the lakes waves; one direction. maybe it was too much for the audience. maybe they were twittering iaway , self absorbed inn an unconscious defense mechanism. their ears were not ready for the vibe they were being given.heres and idea…. film it again, with you facing the waves, camera behind you facing the waves. give your energy to the water. therein is an audience that willlhear you. be well jleven

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    • I don’t even mind if they hated the playing, they could have just gone anywhere down the line for about 1 KM, where there was also nobody…lol. That’s what was so rude about it.

      But that’s an interesting thought for a video. I play towards the water all the time, but not for video. The only problem would be that the microphone won’t really pick it up unless I had an external clip on mic for the didg plugged in. These are options I don’t have. The camera I use is really just a Sony consumer digital camera on a tiny tripod that I can fit in a backpack. But it takes really nice video.

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      • there is no shortage of rudeness in these troubled times. that’s what makes your mission of the spreading of spirit through sound so important! those folks felt the good of it; they just don’t have the spiritual vocabulary to know that yet. you did good! be wel jven

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        • Thanks Jim. Encouraging words as always!!

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