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The Canadian Dryer

If a picture says a Thousand words, what does this say? Ohhh so much more in my opinion.

In my endeavor to wash my hands while in Yorkville the other day before getting on the subway, I came across this in the washroom.  I found it even more hilarious that it was in such a posh area, right near Hazelton lanes around all those wealthy people.  This says it all. Yep, humans have universal traits.  No matter what the economic class. Luckily nobody was really around, so I could snap a picture of it. But I’m sure down the hall they wondered what some dude in the washroom was snickering about so loudly. Well, it was this.

Is everyone familiar with “The Lucky Pierre” or “The Dirty Sanchez”?  Someone had to come up with those cornball phrases associated with the lewd act. If this makes it to Urban Dictionary, YES I want credit for this as the creator! And so I now present….drum roll please….

“The Canadian Dryer”

  1. Enter any public washroom
  2. Shake knob
  3. Rub lightly
  4. Turn upwards to face
  5. Disconnect power supply before servicing


Author: The Tribe

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