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The Chipmunk Alarm

Blog_ChipmunkNo doubt about it, Chipmunks are adorable, hilarious little creatures. They bounce around all day and fill their cheeks with seeds, infiltrating bird seeders and whatever else they can. Then take their many bounties back to their den under the ground, usually somewhere close by. If you’ve really taken the time to watch them and study their behavior, you also know that you’d probably dislike them a great deal if they weren’t so damn cute and funny about the way they go about their lives. They are greedy little punks, and have a tendency to tempt fate with critters much bigger and stronger than them on a regular basis.  Then revel in it when they get away. Chip and Dale were not so far off from reality at all.

So what is “The Chipmunk Alarm”?

For a long time I’d hear this loud, shrill cheaping in my yard that would go on for quite a long stretch. I assumed it to be some kind of startled bird call.  Eventually figuring out it was Chipmunks. Every time something either upsets them, or they feel there is danger close at hand – they start this process.  It is like an alarm to alert the other Chipmunks in the direct vicinity, or possibly just to show how annoyed they are at something. I’ve been watching this for quite a while now, and find it really amusing. What sets them off exactly & why do they carry on so long? Who knows. They can go on with it for over an hour sometimes in this state.

I spend a lot more time watching this kind of stuff. Does this make me a dork? Probably.  Do I care?  Nope.

So without further ado, I know you want to hear the Chipmunk alarm.  This is a mere 30 second clip I recorded.  But this guy had been going at it for the better part of 20 minutes already.

Listen To The Chipmunk Alarm

Author: The Tribe

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