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Who Taught The Birds To Sing

“Who Taught The Birds To Sing” is a new song by Gary James & myself. It began in early 2012 with a new music composition I finished.  I was happy with my work, but it needed vocal work.  Specifically some form of traditional storytelling. Authentic, no nonsense storytelling from a previous time if possible.  I looked for several months, put out ads and more.  Nothing really came.  And then by an act of random chance….I met Gary James.  Gary is a Native Elder and has traveled the world with his teachings.  Storytelling and sculpture are just some of his tools. And so began the finishing of this song. I produce and compose many songs every year.  But this one of all is so far the one I am the most proud of. The depth is incredible. The story couldn’t be more authentic.  The message is profound, and a reminder of why the human race needs to take it’s responsibility seriously in the way we behave towards the planet that gives us life.

Balancing the storytelling with the music was also a real challenge.  I didn’t want any of it to get “lost in the mix”.  So on a technical level alone I was quite proud of this one. Gary’s writing & delivery is phenomenal! I hope to do more work with him in the future. Distance is a bit of an issue, and lack of travel options for each of us also presents some problems. But perhaps after this Winter is over, and 2014 warms up we can start another one. By all means, leave a comment on this track!

You can read the full list of credits on the Soundcloud page if you like.

Author: The Tribe

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