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Winter Solstice Ice Meditation

Happy New Year! Bring on 2014

Just after Winter Solstice 2013, Toronto was hit with a large scale ice storm. Despite the devastation it caused, I decided to focus on the beauty that it created for 2 or 3 days after by photographing as much as possible of the Scarborough Bluffs area (one of the hardest hit regions of the GTA). And secondly composing a custom piece of music that I felt captured the feeling of it all. Stark, cold, beautiful, serene, yet isolated. If you had the option of not being surrounded by people constantly, you could go out and witness this both harsh and beautiful side of nature.

This is designed to be a meditation. A meditation and reminder that nature can be beautiful and open, yet harsh and devastating at the same time. When we choose to distance ourselves from nature and only exploit it for our personal gains, we become disconnected. Forgetting that we are not in control so much as we’d like to think. We are reliant on a delicately balanced system for our air, water, food and shelters to live healthy lives.

More and more I see blatant disrespect and disregard for the planet that sustains our lives. Should we choose to not make better decisions for our future, one just might be made for us. These sorts of storms and hard times should serve as a reminder of this, our level of preparedness, and our ability to coexist rather than trample over and destroy everything in our path.

Author: The Tribe

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